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This is truly farm to table. Locally raised beef from our farm to your family.

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Enjoy Time in Nature.
Appreciate God's Creativity and Bounty.
Live Healthier.


Eating locally grown and raised foods helps create a healthier lifestyle.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; - Psalm 34:8
Our cattle are raised on beautiful green pastures, never given hormones, and are always treated humanely.
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Introducing your family to our farm and beyond.

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Tori Smith
Tori Smith
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Absolutely amazing! Great customer service and great meats!!! I got the ground beef, and it was WAY better than anything in any grocery store! Not a bad price either!
Matt Lowery
Matt Lowery
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I drive over an hour just to shop here. They have some of the best beef I’ve been able to find. Absolutely worth the drive.
Jamie Heisey
Jamie Heisey
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So happy to have a local place to purchase quality meat and other locally sourced items! Our little area needs more places like this…go check them out!!
Our Cattle

By 2022, David & Allison had established other careers as a civil engineer (Contour Retaining Walls, based in Carrollton, GA) and as a family physician with a growing group of private practices (3:16 Family Medicine and Spa 3:16 in Bremen and Carrollton, GA). They also had two healthy children, Ada and Luke, who they were raising on the family farm. The herd had grown to over 250 head of cattle, and over the course of several years, they had worked with some of the finest breeders in the southeast to optimize the genetics of their herd for local beef consumption. They also made investments in equipment and processes that would minimize or eliminate any chemicals used on the pastures so that the cows were getting the highest quality of grasses and hays year round. They committed to never using any antibiotics or hormones on their cattle and to always allowing their cows to have “free range” and choice David and Allison also felt it was important to balance the health benefits of the grass-fed beef with the mild flavor consumers and families were used to eating, so they spent many months optimizing the time frame that cattle would receive a high quality, non-GMO grain prior to being processed without impacting the nutritional benefits of straight grass fed products.

Our Process

After doing years of research, working to improve their processes for both quality and efficiency, and after exploring many options, they decided to use a Georgia-based USDA-inspected and certified facility to process their grass-fed beef. The facility Key Farms contracts with for processing is a relatively new and state-of-the-art facility that was partially funded by the University of Georgia as part of their agricultural expansion programs. The processing plant dry ages the meats for over 2 weeks before cutting. The cuts, which can be customized for Key Farms customers, are then flash frozen. Allison was particularly hopeful they would find a processor who flash freezes as medical studies have shown that this process helps foods retain their nutrients better than other freezing or refrigerating processes. Flash frozen foods are the next healthiest option to fresh off the cutting table!

Our store

Key Farms Meats & Mercantile opened in February of 2022 at 816 Maple Street, in Carrollton, GA. Not only are Key Farms’ delicious beef cuts and products available, but they have chosen a tremendous selection of complimentary products made right here in the USA and mostly in Georgia and other South Eastern states! From grills and grilling utensils to seasonings, spices, and marinades of all varieties, to jars of pickles, relishes, and other delicious small batch fruits and vegetables, Key Farms Meats & Mercantile has all you need to eat healthier and better! They also carry a wide variety of gift items, inspirational books and Bible studies, kitchen and home décor necessities, and even Key Farms branded hats and shirts! They are also proud to carry some other local farms’ chickens and pork sausage cuts in their retail store! David, Allison, Ada, and Luke aren’t done yet, though! There are plans to expand the Mercantile to include a fresh meat counter where you can have a custom cut from their local beef selection to the size you desire without having ever been frozen. They have also considered a café or gourmet burger counter. There are lots of possibilities, and they love talking to their customers, friends, and families about what will be next!

Give us a call at 678-890-1115